U're my xo
U're my xo

A girl with kpop soul but trying to avoid from getting too much into kpop but sighh she just can't ♥ exo is my thing.♥ I say YE you say HET

@syeeekay  (at bilik sherry)
"No one in the world can take the place of your mother" (at mama ❤)
사랑해요 미미 🙆🙆 (i know u dont understand haha)  (at thatmomentwhenufeelsadbutdunnowhy)
One of the cats at my school, Debu yg tak comel 🐱🐱 (at hi Debu)
no, mimi  (at smip #drama#)
Se7en 11
Fave 🙆🙆  (at best & close friends 😍)
Forever #supportgaza #prayforgaza